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Useful Links

Free Online Dyslexia Events
Check out these free online resources for parents and for educators.

Alabama Literacy Act adopted in 2019

Alabama Literacy Act amended in 2022

Alabama Literacy Act 2022 Frequently Asked Questions for Parents
Check out these if you have questions about how the ALA and its 2022 amendments might impact your family.

Dyslexia in the Classroom: What Every Teacher Needs To Know: As part of IDA’s fall Dyslexia Awareness Month campaign, we created this informative toolkit and distributed it to 54,000 public elementary schools and school superintendents. Click here…

Literate Nation was founded by a group of committed individuals to effecting a change in current literacy experiences and practices. Their vision is ” To create an accessible, highly informed, broad-based platform for literacy leadership that will provide the country with the most comprehensive, cross-disciplinary resources and strategic initiatives available to propel the systemic changes needed for a fully literate nation.” Their mission: To empower our nation’s citizens with the literacy skills needed to thrive in the dynamic, global environment of the 21st century. Visit their website to discover about this vibrant organization. Literate Nation

More great sites: