CALT Trainings – Become a Dyslexia Therapist!

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Certified Academic Language Therapists (CALTs) achieve a high level of training and skill equipping them to assist students’ in overcoming the challenges of dyslexia. The Alabama Literacy Act (ALA) encourages institutions of higher education in Alabama to develop accredited CALT training programs. There are a growing number of CALT training programs available in Alabama and in nearby states.  Additionally the Alabama State Department of Education (ALSDE) provides training for a limited number of CALTs each year. 

The ALSDE provides in-person and online trainings via contracts with the Shelton School (Take Flight) and the Neuhaus Education Center (Basic Language Skills) 

CALT stipends are available to Alabama teachers who have completed CALT training and have passed the CALT national examination.

This link will connect you to the University of Alabama CALT training program website.  Applications must be received in early spring each year for the upcoming cohort.  

This link will connect you to Mississippi’s William Carey College CALT training program website. Applications must be received by April 1.

The Alabama Scottish Rite Foundation now provides a limited number of CALT fellowships to offset tuition costs for Alabama teachers who are accepted in CALT training programs offered by Alabama institutions of higher education and who agree to teach for a minimum of two years in Alabama schools upon completion of the CALT training. Fellowship applications must be received by February 1 each year.