Alabama MSLE Trainings Announced – Register Now!

The Alabama State Department of Education recently announced 2021 Multisensory Structured Language Education (MSLE) training opportunities that will begin this summer for interested Alabama teachers.  Up to 25 Alabama teachers will be able to join the MSLE training provided by Shelton School which has been provided by the ALSDE since […]

Reading War: Will It Ever End?

The Hatfields and McCoys do not hold a candle to the two opposing sides of America’s very real and devastating reading war that has been waged for the past 40 or more years.  The dyslexia-destructive “Whole Language” (WL) camp remains deeply entrenched discounting for 20 years the science of reading […]

Alabama Literacy Act and Dyslexia Services

Governor Ivey signed the Alabama Literacy Act in June 2019 which mandates that all K-3 children in Alabama public schools be screened for literacy deficits including dyslexia.  Additionally, students who evidence characteristics of dyslexia as determined by the dyslexia screening must be provided with dyslexia-specific intervention. A literacy plan must […]

Rise to the Challenge: IDA-AL 2019 Fall Conference

The 2019  Rise to the Challenge: IDA-AL Fall Conference was a spectacular success! We were completely “sold out” and filled every possible seat with eager professionals, parents, and friends.  We enjoyed two full days of professional development, networking, and fellowship as we share ideas about dyslexia and how to help […]

Teachers Complete IMSLEC Accredited Training!

Cohort 7 just completed their 2 year IMSLEC accredited training program provided by Shelton School through a contract with the Alabama State Department of Education.  This is the 7th group of teachers to complete this training in Alabama and we hope there will be many more!  See more….

IDA-Alabama Has a YouTube Channel!

We’re on YouTube, and we’re so glad to have YOU join us! IDA-Alabama recently launched our YouTube channel. It’s  jam-packed with resources for educators, parents, and those interested in learning more about dyslexia. We’re ready to create conversations around dyslexia that educate, uplift, and empower, and we’re glad that you […]