Dyslexia Awareness Memorandum 2018

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This memorandum posted on the alsde.edu website encourages the celebration of October as Dyslexia Awareness Month and provides excellent recommendations to educators across our state! This link will take you to the Dyslexia Awareness Memorandum from Dr. Eric Mackey!


Thank you Eric MackeyKaren Wall PorterReeda Henderson Betts, and so many others including our wonderful State Board of Education members (Stephanie Bell, Cynthia McCarty, Ella Bell, Jeff Newman, Jackie Ziegler, Mary Scott Hunter, Betty Peters, and Yvette Richardson), and our more than supportive Governor Kay Ivey who believe that ALL children, including those with characteristics of dyslexia, should be provided with effective reading instruction in Alabama public schools.

We have SUCH A LONG WAY to go to really see this dream become a reality but with strong leadership and support, we can make meaningful gains to ensure that EVERY Alabama child has the tools needed to learn to read.

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