2017 Artistic Expressions Winners!

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IDA-AL 2017 Artistic Expressions Winners


Grade 3-7 First Place – Jackson Kusibab – Grade 6

  Dyslexia makes learning difficult, so school is hard. I’m afraid to get things wrong, so I have a hard time getting started on assignments. But I work hard, I’m smart and I see it through.  Dyslexia is not who I am, it is just how I learn. My dyslexia will never go away, but it will not keep me from becoming whatever I choose to be.










Grade 3-7 Runner-up – Drayton Crosby – Grade 3

I decided to do a project with rocks because rocks are hard just like Dyslexia is hard. But all of these rocks are an example of things I am good at even though I am dyslexic. Things like art, math, robotics, Legos, building things, and I’m creative. I painted the rocks because it also shows that something that is really hard can also be cool.







Grade 8-12  First Place  –  Crase Florek –  Grade 8

Dyslexia feels like a wall between what I know and what I say. It prevents my thoughts from flowing from my mouth the way I want them to. It interferes with my explanations to other people. My thoughts don’t connect to my words and reality becomes confused. For instance, I could be thinking that “2+2 is 4” but the answer comes out as “12”. For me, it is very wrenching to express what is in my mind to the outside world without confusion. I wish that I didn’t have dyslexia because it has undoubtedly changed my life forever in ways that I can never change.






Grade 8-12 Runner-up – Nate Metzger – Grade 8


 Cheetahs run fast, are pretty, and they are unique. Cheetahs run so fast that all their spots become like a blur.  Cheetahs are unique and so am I. I have more talents and strengths then all of the spots of a cheetah.   I try to read fast like a cheetah but when I do I make many mistakes.  The words jumble up like the spots of a cheetah when read and write.  When I try to spell, the words fly by faster then I can write them, as fast as a cheetah. Cheetahs only have so much energy and they can only run for a short time before they are exhausted.  I can only stay focused through math and half of science, but then it becomes very difficult to focus until I go to break.  Focusing for me takes a lot of energy.

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